After a long delay, the most awaited product WHO LIKES MONEY is LIVE now and you can reserve your copy asap because the membership slots are filling up quickly and D.C. Fawcett will train only few users because of which there are limited slots.


Welcome, to my Honest Review of WHO LIKES MONEY from D.C. Fawcett. In my blog we have already discussed about who is d.c. fawcett and how he helps you to make money with his secret software. So, Immediately after the release I joined the Who-likes-money membership area and I’ve finished going through the Who-likes-money members area.

What is Who-Likes-Money exactly ?

Who likes money lets you make money from affiliated offers which we promote to facebook users. Basically it involves facebook marketing using WHO Software. For this you need to create facebook fan page to promote the offers and the WHO Software scrapes Facebook user emails and send them invitation to your fanpage. Leave it for the first day and post your affiliate or cpa offers in the fan page and see the conversions rolling. For better conversions you need to select a topic that you are good at like ‘Weight Loss’,'Gardening’, ‘Gaming’ etc.

My Experience with Who-Likes-Money :

Immediately after I entered into the members area I have taken some time to look at the video tutorials and available resources then I choose a niche(topic) which is “How to Loose Weight in a Week” after that I made the fanpage look decent and fired the WHO Software with the keyword “weight loss” and the WHO Software went on to get 5000 emails and sent them invites to my fanpage. Next day I could see 3786 Fans to my Page and I promoted my Weight Loss Ebook and made 28 sales with 420$ revenue since the ebook costs 15$ to the user.

DC Fawcett Exposed – Watch the Below Video to know more

dc fawcett who likes money exposed

Best parts of Who-Likes- Money:

You don’t really need anything except the WHO software and a Facebook account. Which means:

  • NO! Website is needed
  • NO! Hosting
  • NO! Paid Advertising
  • NO! Other Software

I haven’t seen any author who guides the buyers from A to Z on how to use their products other then D.C .Fawcett. D.C. Fawcett will guide you through the members area where you will have access to WHO Software, WHO Software Tutorials and many more resources that you need to start with.

Drawbacks of WHO Software:

  • The email support is a bit slow, I got reply to my query after 5 hours.
  • You can use WHO Software in one PC at a time.

So, the WHO Software is capable of doing more then what we think. I suggest internet marketers to try WHO Software and see your earnings rocketing !

who likes money review

Andrew Thomas.

Who is D.C. Fawcett and How Can He Help You Make Money

who si dc fawcettD.C. Fawcett was  member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council, is the best guy for making money online with Information publishing and affiliate marketing.


D.C. Fawcett started his company with ZERO to $3MM in 3 years without being a expert in Internet Marketing. This is not common for most of the information marketers as most Information marketers practicing the GURU model run out of Expert Information and may not get succeed. Exactly the same thing happened for D.C. Fawcett with his real estate investing information product. When he got into the Info Publishing Space, he only had one niche to teach and that one product made $3M in the 2nd year.

D.C. Fawcett trains internet marketers on how to sell their products to targeted users and make profit. In his latest expertise product WHO LIKES MONEY will show you many different ways on how to drive TARGETED Facebook traffic for free to your offers.Facebook has grown as the number one social network with millions of users and it is proved that 54% of Americans are drawn to buy products online from Facebook which concludes the effectiveness of Facebook traffic. Social Network traffic has always been good for internet marketers because users sign in to their social network profiles when they have free time which means they are in peace mind. When a product is promoted to peace minded people it results in sale.

D.C. knows how to cash in this secrete by successfully driving targeted traffic from Facebook to your offers and this Facebook traffic is free you don’t need to pay anything for Facebook for this traffic. So, free targeted Facebook traffic is like gold mine and almost all internet marketers are looking for this one. D.C will teach you how to get this traffic by demonstrating it in video’s using his Who Likes Money Software.  You should check out his WHO LIKES MONEY product without missing under any circumstances before he takes it down.

The Best thing about Who Likes Money is that it helps beginners very well to make money online.